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A.I — VTechOS

Accelerating POC

Villa-Tech has plans to deploy VTechOS – a platform that includes pre-built solutions and integration APIs.  It will improve proof of concept (POC) deployment and enable ease of integration with third-party vendor and partners’ solutions.  The back-end system integrates and extends your company’s existing systems to create a flexible, consistent platform tailored to its needs.

VTechOS is designed as middleware that uses an OSGi framework with a concept of modules.  This allows us to develop integration to point of sale solutions via data normalization as well as REST API integration into the TRANSXtm.  VTechOS’s components consist of:

  • OSGI Container Environment
  • SSH Shell access into the OSGi Container
  • Web Sockets for real-time communications
  • REST API access
  • Database integration (PostgresSQL)
  • Data abstraction layer
  • User Management application
  • Roles and Permissions application
  • Notifications Application
  • Events module with hooks
  • Messaging module
  • Certificate Integration

VTechOS Components

Our upcoming platform has two major components: VTechOS Core and VTechOS Interface.

VTechOS Core
The back-end services and APIs make up the core of VTechOS.  They connect different systems storing data and user experience and also report into an integrated and cohesive system.  The platform can help you take control of your technology, open up a whole new range of opportunities to drive innovation, and deliver an engaging experience.  VTechOS also offers secure two-way data exchanges to any endpoint in the network.  It can link peer-to-peer devices inside stores for instant connections and live streaming of data for a truly connected approach.  The core also normalizes and unifies the data for third-party services.

VTechOS Interface
Villa-Tech provides a flexible and customizable GUI that can be embedded in a self-contained application which can be deployed to mobile phone, tablet, and desktop.  It can also be themed to match your company’s branding.  The interface is capable of receiving real-time data and displaying data visualization as it happens.

Core Benefits Of VTechOS

by Villa-Tech


The VTechOS interface tailors to your company’s branding and provide connections to your devices with its core elements.

Back-end Services & APIs

The platform integrates and extends your company’s existing systems to create a flexible, consistent platform to suit its needs.


Peer-to-peer data exchanges are kept exclusively between your company’s device networks with attention to the its overall safety.