Villa-Tech attended Data Connector’s Tech Security Conference this past Wednesday, April 14th. The event featured over 40 vendors showcasing their products in the data security industry as well as an overview of the current issues presented in networks today. The primary focus was regarding the issues with security for data traversing through a network. Not only for internal networks, but data passing through the paradigm shift in which more customers are migrating towards a cloud solution. In conjunction, many vendors were in an overall agreement that customers are interested in migrating their networks toward a hybrid architecture in which they are looking to upgrade mission-critical applications internally while pushing other resources towards a cloud service.

Villa-Tech spent the day speaking with various companies discussing strategies and implementations for data and network security. The overall conclusion was that customers are looking to push further towards having these solutions be automated. Many of the solutions presented for automating these issues included applications to trigger security alerts and having new security events be updated regularly from the given company’s database. All in all, data and network security is still a major concern for companies today, but the main downside is that the approach for these solutions is still a reactive approach and not a proactive one.