Network Audit

by Villa-Tech

Network — Network Audit

Behind the Scenes

We can help you keep track of what’s really going on within your company’s systems.  Our partners can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our professional service team to audit the current state of their networks and deliver recommendations that will enhance their network health statuses.


Extensive Testing

Our assistance in network auditing can offer resiliency testing such as failover testing and link failure.  We and also provide assistance with:

  • Core switch failure to determine transparency to the end-user without production disruption
  • Benchmark testing to determine differences in performance during network optimization

Core Benefits of Network Audit

with Villa-Tech


Our skills include packet analysis, utilizing various networking tools suited best for your company’s network.


Villa-Tech’s network services can provide verification of configurations as well as constructive feedback for your network.

Best Practice

Your company can work with us to identify, remove, and implement initiatives based on known issues.