At Villa-Tech we redefine the possibilities of SDN and NFV solutions every day.

Villa-Tech we have been working alongside the World’s Largest Telco’s, Hardware Manufacturers and Network Design Experts to Build the Next Generation Cloud

Networking Solutions in OPEN CORD (Central Office Re-designed as a Data center).

Villa-Tech & CORD are designing a working model of how the World will function in years to come by designing a virtualization infrastructure light years ahead of anything available today.

Villa-Tech NGN Cloud:

  • Dynamic application monitoring delivers real-time dynamic resources to any CORD application for I/O, Compute and Storage using an advanced machine learning model of OpenStack, Docker and other open source elements.
  • CORD spins-up and fires Docker instances from memory at the speed of light delivering neural net like capabilities and intelligence in the CORD PODS – unlike any existing SDN solution.
  • Next Generation Hyper Convergence solution with easy to use web interfaces for Dynamic Application Management and control with fine grain analytics all in real time.
  • Built in network control layer networking embedded in the CORD core to future proof our customers networking needs.
  • Inter-networking based on sessions delivering the most advanced Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization implementation ever developed.
  • Designed for use in Mobile Networks M-CORD, Residential Service Delivery R-CORD and Enterprise Solutions with E-CORD.
  • CORD has built in analytics based on machine learning algorithms to deliver the most advanced reporting available.

Villa-Tech is a group of experts with a vision of how computer networking design can function and we are assisting CORD in delivering that every day.