Automation & Orchestration

Creating, testing, and deploying your networks and applications


The dictionary definition of automation is the ability to complete a task or function without any direct human input or interaction.  Repetitive, time-intensive, manual processes can be executed efficiently and reliably while avoiding human error. 

There is a huge range of tasks in which automation can be utilized in, from app deployments and integration, creating tickets and notifications, managing computing workloads, and so on.


While automation focuses on one task, orchestration handles set of automated tasks is executed as a single job between distributed systems and services.  It simplifies the arrangement, coordination, and management of complex systems, middleware, and services within your computing environment. 

Manual administration simply can’t keep up and scale with today’s needs, especially with modern IT teams now being responsible for managing vast amounts of applications and systems.  Orchestration is a must for delivering highly available, dynamically calling, and performant applications and cloud systems. 

The Tools We Use

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