The latest techniques to manage, optimize, and automate your network

About SDN

Software-defined Networking (SDN) is a network management architecture that offers a centralized view of a network, providing those using it an SDN controller that acts as the “brains” of the network.

Centralized programmable SDN environments can easily adjust to the rapidly changing needs of businesses. It can lower costs, limit wasteful provisioning, and provide flexibility and innovation for networks. [SDXCentral]

Utilizing Open Source Solutions

Villa-Tech uses open source solutions (A-CORD, R-CORD, and E-CORD) that prove to be the most efficient and scalable solutions for tier-1 service providers, large enterprises, and hyper-scaled Internet organizations. The architectures we can build with these can give you compliant products that will help the organization of your company, working through CAPEX expenditures to take advantage of the latest techniques to optimize and efficiently automate portions of your network.

As tech professionals, we can help your organization implement the SDN CORD design and develop northbound API applications that can be custom-built to meet your requirements. With our knowledge of SDN design these solutions, we can help your organization implement its own tested, successful solution.

More About SDN

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