Big Data Management

by Villa Tech

A.I. — Big Data Management

Environment Setup

Any intelligence team can work with us to focus on setting up their company’s big data environment.  With today’s evolving data structures, data environments often end up unstructured, but having an Apache Hadoop cluster can help solve the data deluge, using commodity hardware and lowering your total cost of ownership.  Villa-Tech can help build up your Hadoop cluster, tune it, and optimize it for your company’s internal needs.

Together we can develop a Hadoop strategy where your company can avoid losing precious information that can be mined.  Our skills in setting up these environments and managing big data ecosystems can help develop a strategic vision on how to use Hadoop for multiple sources.


Combining Strengths

Your business might be at a pivotal point, and the best way to move forward is through technology reshaping what you do, but you can’t get there on your own.

At Villa-Tech, we leverage our extensive experience to imagine, develop, manage and deliver technology solutions that advance your business.  Your work can be better, smarter, and easier.  Our A.I. customers benefit from our help with the following:

  • General computer science
  • Machine Learning
  • FPGA Components
  • C++ Linux Server Side
  • Numerical Methods
  • Structural Analysis
  • Geophysics
  • Financial Systems
  • 3D Virtualization

Core Benefits of Big Data Management

by Villa-Tech


We can use our problem-solving skills to help you achieve a secure big data environment that covers the needs of your organization.


As data structures evolve, our specialization can solve any data deluge and keep it organized for future growth with your company.


Through using Apache Hadoop, the cost of owning and maintaining your big data environment will be effectively lower.