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Example Topic: Network Design

Example lead-in text: As your network provider, we will design next-generation networks, configuring a network solution to operate optimally within your organization. We design networks within a Layer 2, Layer 3 topology that scales and performs optimally for Hyper-scaled environments.

  • Ability to design and build from the ground up with in-depth detail networks that are composed of 5 – 50,000 node environments
  • From Software Defined Network/Network Function Virtualization, Voice, Video, Wireless, Multicast, Data and now Big Data, from large Cloud, SDN-NFV, MPLS designs, Data center LAN/WAN infrastructure that scale to building out cloud solutions for managed services


  • Detailed Visio Diagrams detailing these components: hardware specification, software version, port count, cabling types (copper transceivers, Fiber transceivers), Bandwidth (1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps)
  • Documentation with reports entailing IP addressing, network equipment inventory (Make, Model, serial number, support contract information)
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